FLNET v7.4.0 now available

The FLDigi development team has announced the release of FLNET v7.4.0.

FLNET provides the Amateur Radio Net Control Station operator with a real time tool to assist him or her in managing the net activities. A single screen with multiple windows is used to allow rapid entry, search, pick and display of all stations calling in to the net. All operations on the main screen are accomplished with keyboard entries only. No mouse action is required to perform the net control functions. Experience has shown that most net control operators prefer this method of operation to improve the speed of entry and selection.

Version 7.4.0 * Update release

Date:   Wed Mar 31 09:35:00 2021 -0500

 mxe64 update

   * changes required for mxe 32/64 bit builds

 Doc update

   * Update flnet user manual to 7.4.0


   * Editor: changing the sort order via the Menu Sort, the current
     record will still be displayed in the proper location within
     the new sort.
   * Enter key selects the entered record in the Editor Search dialogs.
   * Enter key selects the selected record in Call/Netnbr browser
   * alt-E will open Editor to the current callin and maintain the
     last used sort order
   * alt-P will toggle the select order (main dialog)
   * force alt events not handled by main dialog to be handled by editor
     (should avoid necessity to cursor over for some window managers)
   * update entire callin list whenever Edit dialog update button is

 Exit / Priority

   * add fl_choice dialog to exit process
   * remove unused fluid (.fl) files
   * resort after changing database record
     . necessary to allow user to edit callsign of
     visible editor record
   * edit dialog menu follow alt-E / F12 access
   * change to priority resolution at startup

 Callsign usage

   * change database and entries to comply with international agreements:
     . 1 to 3 character prefix consisting of alphanumeric
     . single character area, a numeric
     . 1 to 3 character suffix containing alphanumeric
   * remove prefix and suffix modifiers
     . DL/...
     ... /M /AM /MM /1 /2 ... /9 etc are all point of transmission
     modifiers and not an actual part of the government assigned
     . suppress invalid calls
   * deactivate menu items Search, Browse and Sort when in editor in
     MODIFY state (F12)


   * insure focus returns to main dialog after a delete
     from the call-in list
   * set inpNickname->take_focus() when editor is opened
   * add F11 with same functionality as shift-F12

 Callin list index

   * display index number of current "is up" entry
   * deprecate IsInDB search function, use csvdb method find_callsign
   * Use prefix/area/suffix control values for all Queue processing

 Apple CMD keyboard

   * try to satisfy the keyboard combination whims of Apple users

 Netedit Queue

   * fix queue/sorted-by selection

 Netedit sorts

   * match display to sortby selection


   * modify debounce logic for correct operation on various
     operating systems.  Not all X are created equal!


   * use fl_width to size logins browser colums

 Callsign Search

   * Change to PAS sort order wfor callsign searches

 Apple Cmd-Q

   * fix Apple Cmd-Q exit processing

 csvdb mods

   * change saved sort order to CALL
   * add find_netnbr
   * add find_callsign

 Edit mods

   * clear filename / record count on Edit dialog before
     assigning new data
   * set State/Province field to auto caps
   * fix sh-F12 data retrieval from fldigi
   * fix F5...F8 priority modification
   * add alt-E/C/Z/I menu short-cuts
   * pass all other alt-key combinations to child dialogs
   * correct operation of 'Update' button for case where
     current record is or is not in the call-in list.
   * adding record to masterdb, if record exists
     . allow either replace, add, or cancel operation
   * close masterdb if pathname changes
   * add user customizable field transfers between active
     and master database

 UP/DN repeat

 macOS Info.plist

   * fix mkappbundle.sh


   * set keyboard focus to editor dialog when opened
   * Always show ST/PR in upper case
   * Leave editor dialog open after update to a record
   * Fix Queue transfer of editor data to call-in list

 Import/Export fldigi data

   * inhibit opening the master database concurrent with
     it's use for lookups
     . provide warning dialog when user attempts to do so
   * correct data import from fldigi
     . fix data transfer indexing
     . add record to the net database with fields set using
     data imported from fldigi
     - CALL
     - NAME
     - QTH
     - STATE
   * fix Fl_Enter event after Deleting a callin entry causing
     transfer of next callin to fldigi
   * restore keyboard focus to main dialog when closing
     . delete alert
     . editor dialog
     . config dialog

 Net nbr transfer

   * Add missing data transfer of netnbr from masterdb

 Config values

   * add missing callbacks to configuration items


   * Correct sort algorithm for possible sort list corruption
     . size of suffix string copy set to field size.
     . corrected to 1 less than field size.


   * update buildmxe.sh script

 Fl_Input widgets

   * replace all with Fl_Input2 extended class

 Editor UI

   * Reorder browse list after deleting a record
   * Add prefix/area/suffix sort order to list
     . prefix/area/suffix
     . area/prefix/suffix
     . suffix/area/prefix
     . net number
   * Add user configurable preferred sort order when
     opening editor
   * Handle special case for empty database and when
     deleting record in db with a single record
   * reflect editorial changes to PREFIX, AREA, SUFFIX to
     all call-in list entries
   * always update callin-list info panel when closing edit dialog
   * save current database / checkin log when opening a new db
   * add file backup to all opened csv database files
     . current plus two aged backups
     .csv, .csv.1, .csv.2
   * add user configurable transfer to/from master db net nbr
   * fix prioritization of checkins

 Master csv file

   * Add ability to work with a local master flnet compatible csv file
     . query the file for call details
     . add current record to the master file


   * allow user to specifiy left/right justification of callsign field
   * arrange/size "Check-ins" and database name/size displays to
     allow for larger filenames.
   * fix segmentation fault caused by closing Editor under specific
   * fix close down segmentation fault
   * Change to update prevdate only when program is shutting down
   * Check database for match if SUFFIX, PREFIX & AREA are all entered
     . Select match if found; new CALL otherwise
     . Select 'picked' entry if only SUFFIX entered
   * Display NOT IN DATABASE if call-in entry is not in database
   * Correct button access in Editor when opened by menu Editor
   * Change displayed "Last login" to LoginDate vice PrevDate
   * Repair broken CALL / NETNBR searches
   * Add clearing of email field to all remote db queries
   * Correct Edtor button states after selecting "New"
   * Update CALL whenever Prefix, Area, or Suffix is changed
     . convert Prefix, Area, Suffix to uppercase
   * Change temporary dbSelectLabel from string to char[]
   * Do not add new callin to database until user presses F12
     . delay updating Login date until file closure
     . delay updating joined date pending control operator manual entry
   * Correct net number search algorithm
   * Change all search calls to use binary search algorithm
   * Prevent user from adding an empty record to the database
     . i.e. no Prefix, Area, Suffix triad entered

 HamQTH queries

   * extract email
   * convert lat/lon to 6 place Maidenhead locator if
     lat/lon present in response

 Color coding

   * fix color coding for callin list entries

 Write Log

   * write log after every change to log-in list
   * add hours, minutes to file name


   * fix compiler optimizer differences when mixing
     strings with returned char pointers.

 Callook lookup

   * Fix access and parsing of callook.info query
   * Fix locator to azimuth/distance display

 UI mods

   * Enable keypad Enter key for selecting call from pick list
   * Fix controlling order on edit dialog

 new fields


 Distance Display

   * User configurable distance display, kilometers, nautical miles,
     statute miles.

 UI fixes

   * change all configuration items to progStatus
   * increase width of check-ins display lines
   * adjust UI widgets, position and size
   * change arrangement of fields in info panel
     - concatenate comment1, comment2 data fields
     separating each with a semicolon.
   * add user configurable justification, left/right for
     nickname field in check-in list



   * modify 'version' to include VERSION_PATCH

 Keyboard Shortcuts

   * Remove &menu items
   * Enable alt-F4 - cleanExit
   * on MacOS/OS-X enable cmd-Q - cleanExit

Full details are available in the ReadMe file available online.

As with all of the FL suite, FLNET continues to support both PowerPC and Intel (i386) processors; with individual downloads available for each architecture and can be downloaded here.