Fldigi v4.1.19 now available

The development team led by W1HKJ have announced the release of Fldigi v4.1.19.  This maintaneance release of Fldigi brings several bug fixes, performance improvements and several new features..

As with all of the FL suite, Fldigi continues to support both PowerPC and Intel (i386) processors; with individual downloads available for each architecture and can be downloaded here.

  Version 4.1.19
    * maintenance release

  Vestigial AFC fixes
     * Fix OFDM and 8PSK AFC jumping randomly to noise-signals

  C-Media PTT support
    * add support for C-Media ptt signal, used by DAR-30 etal

  LNW macro tag
    * add missing add to log call

    * add Notes as a retrieve field for last worked call lookup in logbook

  lower case tx
    * defeat lower case TX when text source is from arq or xmlrpc socket interface.

  Win Install Directory
    * Change installer to target either 32 or 64 bit installation

  Qso Party Cabrillo
    * add state & country selections

  mxe scripts update

    * enable cwid for
      . T/R button reset to Rx
      . ^r in xmlrpc transmit text strings
      . ^r in macro text
      . ^r in transmit text
      NOTE: recommend disabling cwid for all ARQ type message transmissions; flarq / flmsg.

  Doxygen srcdoc fix
   * MBEDTLS breaks the cppcheck tool, bypass checking for now

  Dxcluster freq
    * change to accommodate either '.' or ',' as the integer fractional part of frequency in kHz.

  Documentation update
    * image and text associated with menu items
      . View/Rig/Log Controls
      . View/Waterfall

  Carat r/R
    * if modem is not IFKP, change to identical function for ^r and ^R transmit character sequence

  WIN Build Errors
    * Correct Windows 64 bit build segmentation fault caused by ulong int usage for string pointer.
      Replaced with size_t

  Compiler warnings
    * fix compiler warning on use of memset
      . rsid.cxx
      . ifkp.cxx

  flrig cwio
    * DTR/RTS CW keying using xmlrpc commands to flrig

  Set/Get Notch
    * Correct notch processing when used with flrig
    * RigCAT notch processing
      . Add wait 2 poll cycles between set and get notch

  FMT mod
    * limit estimation error to user defined value, reset tracking if error exceeds the set value
    * add +/- 5 and +/- 10 plot ranges

  Tx Monitor Level
    * Change control to dB scale to allow greater range of user control

  fh baud
    * modify fh parameter printout

    * Immediate cmd
      . ! character as first in command definition will cause the command to be send immediate
        upon selection of that command button

  WF-only mode menu
    * add missing modes

  PSK-modes fix false triggers of DCD-OFF
    * Certian character combinations were triggering DCD-OFF
    * DCD-OFF code now searches over 6-bit window
    * Prevents rare data-loss bug mid-transmission

    * add callback handlers to
      . btn_unk_enable
      . btn_ref_enable
      . btn_fmt_record
    * reset frequency whenever ref or unk button is pressed

  Win32 Serial Port
    * change
      "if (!hComm)" to
      "if (hComm == INVALID_HANDLE)"

  CW punctuation
    * Allow user to suppress decode/encode of specific punctuation characters
    * Allow user to select character to display noise decodes
      . default '*'
      . '_'
      . ' '
      . none

    * Correct  weather macro text substitution

    * Add missing provinces / regions

  PulseAudio Server String
    * always enable PA server string control to allow user to clear or modify entry
    * fix hanging up on server fault message dialog
      . caused by message dialog on being re-entrant

  macOS arm64 builds
    * Change macosx macro to include darwin20 target

  Waterfall buttons
    * Set all buttons to visibile for new installation

  Audio Codec
    * fix for Portaudio h/w codec missing during fldigi startup
      . missing h/w could cause segmentation fault on some systems
      . added try{}catch{} to trx audio path
      . display error message
      . reset audio device to NULL codec