QTH.app version 0.7.0 released

In amateur radio, the “QTHQ-code means “What is your position?” when used as a question or “My position is…” when used as a statement. The Automatic Packet Reporting System® is a common avenue that amateur radio operators communicate their positions, among other useful information.

QTH.app is an APRS® client application exclusively for the macOS platform. It connects to the APRS network  via radio or Internet to help operators receive, transmit, and visualize information being shared over APRS.


  • Easy map navigation
  • Supports connecting via:
    • Audio Modem – Use the internal Mac sound card
    • Serial KISS TNC
    • APRS-IS
    • AGWPE – exists, but buggy
  • GPS Connections
    • Bluetooth GPS
    • Uses macOS Location Services in the absence of a GPS
  • Support for drawing APRS shapes directly on the map
  • Mapping APRS position reports, objects, etc
    • APRS symbols
    • Graphical display of speed and direction
    • Tactical callsigns
    • Station paths, including dead reckoning
    • Telemetry graphs
  • APRS timeline
    • Go back in time and see where things were at a certain time
  • Special weather station display, including wind barbs and temperature colors
  • Location beaconing
  • Instant Messaging
    • Store favorite ham radio contacts in the Apple Contacts
  • Alerts
    • Integrated with macOS notification center
    • Custom matching rules
  • Logs packets to database
  • Comprehensive help system
  • Offline maps
  • Other types of maps, topographical, OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMaps, etc
  • Map grids USNG/MGRS,  Maidenhead
  • APRS Queries
  • Simple digipeater support


  • Multilingual support – Supports English now. French later. Other languages as I have help.
  • Spoken voice alerts
  • Rig control for tuning to frequency objects
  • Local data sharing with other QTH instances on LAN – Intended for operations rooms
  • Search and Rescue features
  • External API for integrations


  • Collect data from weather stations. Check out WeeWX for this.


Browse the Help Book Online


QTH.app follows a “freemium” pricing model. QTH.app is free to receive APRS traffic. The transmit functions require a software license. This serves a couple purposes: It allows verification that the person transmitting holds a valid amateur radio callsign and it puts a few dollars in my pocket.

If you would like to purchase a license, please visit the store: QTH.app License


QTH.app Changelog


  • Added a satellite sky plot for GPS devices
  • Added support for “tactical” source callsigns on RF connections. Licensed callsign will be automatically appended to comment
  • I/O graph legend now shows active connection counts
  • Favourites that are created without an SSID will now match all stations with a matching callsign
  • The “go to my location” button has been changed to a “follow my location” toggle. Clicking it will center the map on your location and keep it centered as you move. Panning the map away will cancel it.
  • Graphs should now match the current dark/light appearance
  • Fixed CoreBluetooth auth for OS X 10.15+ for BLE GPS Connection