Introducing PulseQSO – Amateur Radio Logger for MacOS, iOS and iPadOS with Cloud sync

Kenneth, 2E0MQM, has released a new Amateur Radio logger called “PulseQSO”. PulseQSO is available now for MacOS, iOS & iPad OS and allows Amateur Radio stations to log their QSO correspondences and contact information.

PulseQSO uses Apple’s iCloud to securely store all of your logbook data, keeping everything updated across all of your devices.   Because your logbook is stored securely on your iCloud account you can log QSOs with your iPhone or iPad when operating portable or mobile, and then immediately see everything back on your Mac at home base.

You can download PulseQSO for free for Mac, iOS or iPadOS on the Apple App Store.

There is a quick video overview on how PulseQSO works available on YouTube