SDR-Control Mobile for iPhone version 1.3.04 released

Software Defined Radio Client for Icom Transceivers and your iPhone

SDR-Control Mobile is a full featured iPhone App to operate your Icom Transceiver at home or from around the world without additional Hard- or Software.

Important: This App requires one of the following Icom Transceivers: IC-705, IC-7610, IC-9700 or the IC-R8600 Receiver


  • Compatible to iOS 15 and newer
  • Compatible with any iPhone
  • Complete operation of your Icom Transceiver in all modes
  • Use the App local or to remote access of your Transceiver from any place without additional Hard- or Software
  • Logbook with auto logging, ADIF Im-/Export
  • UDP Log submission when using external logging software
  • Integrated full featured FT8 / FT4 Tool
  • Integrated CW Decoder
  • Integrated CW Keyer
  • DX-Cluster integration
  • Call sign lookup integrated
  • Displays Calls on Map with heading and distance information
  • And much more…


  • An Icom IC-705, IC-7610 or IC-9700 Transceiver or IC-R8600 Receiver
  • The Transceiver needs to be connected to your Network (WiFi or LAN)
  • No USB cable needed or supported
  • An iPhone that runs at least iOS 15

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Version 1.3.04 contains the following changes and improvements:

  • Mic delay setting added to prevent initial white noise at start of the transmission
  • FT8 Tool now pauses transmission while the Log window is open
  • Audio interruption e.g. due to incoming phone call will now be resumed
  • It is now also possible to maintain the Memory stars
  • A New Scanning tool has been added
  • Memory names will now be displayed on the main screen
  • A new button to swap VFOA/B has been added
  • Some minor issues have been fixed

Version 1.3.03 which was released March 7, 2023 contained the following changes and improvements:

  • A new POTA Tool was added
  • Additional ADIF Logging Fields for POTA were added
  • A new setting to prevent the PTT to get locked when using VFO-Lock was introduced
  • A few design changes for certain iPhone types were necessary
  • A Pwr button to maintain power from the button bar was added
  • A Comp button for enabling and maintaing Compression was added (only available when using the Radio Mic)
  • You can now long-press the Main button to swap Main/Sub or VFO-A/B
  • Some minor issues have been fixed

SDR-Control Mobile for iPhone is available for $36.99 on the App Store
The latest update can be downloaded for free.