SkookumLogger v3.14 now available

Bill Myers, K1GQ has released version 3.14 of the contest logging software SkookumLogger for macOS.

SkookumLogger is a full-featured contest logging program suitable for the most demanding contester. It runs on MacOS, supporting single-mode and and mixed-mode events on 13 bands between 160m and 23cm.  SkookumLogger requires a K1EL WinKeyer or a YCCC SO2R Box to send CW.

Some SkookumLogger Features

  • Any number of QSOs per log
  • Two QSO entry boxes supporting interleaved SO1R, SO2V, SO2R/2BSIQ with one keyboard
  • Duplicate checking as callsigns are entered
  • Exchange Archive (personal call history file) for exchange pre-fill
  • Partial callsign matching against log, Exchange Archive, and Super Check Partials (SCP) database
  • Integrated download of the SCP and cty.dat databases
  • Separate activity table windows (like band maps) for each contest band
  • Multiplier checksheets for countries, regions, prefixes, zones, grids, other
  • Time Tracker and Rate Tracker panels
  • Score window with band breakdown and scoring for most contests
  • Bidirectional DX Cluster packet spotting interface, with skimmer and QSX support
  • CW call type-ahead and CW keyboard mode
  • Context-sensitive, queued message sending for CW, SSB (using radio DVR), FSK/PSK (using radio encoder)
  • Great circle maps with terminator and antenna pattern overlays
  • SkookumNet networking for multi-operator/multi-transmitter configurations
  • Amplifier standby/operate and drive power controls
  • Rotator direction display and control
  • Elecraft P3SVGA panadapter display with graphical known-activity overlays
  • YCCC SO2R Box+ and YCCC SO2R Mini interfaces including their WinKeyer emulations
  • YCCC MOAS antenna switch interface
  • XK-24 Keypad interface with red/blue backlights
  • Cabrillo export for submitting log entries
  • ADIF and CSV export for moving contest QSOs to a general-purpose logger
  • Automated log submission via Apple Mail and via web browser
  • Statistics report for post-contest analysis of your contest log
  • CW Practice mode for developing your running skills off the air

Changes in version 3.14 2023-04-02


  • South American 10m Contest.
  • YB DX RTTY Contest. Thanks W2RU.


  • Revised the list of “Commonwealth Call Area” country codes for BERU. Thanks GØDVJ.
  • Virginia QSO Party In Virginia scoring now includes activated county bonus points and multipliers for non-fixed entrants.
  • Editing a log table cell now turns on the “document needs saving” indicator (a dark dot inside the close gumball at the left end of the title bar), when the edit is committed using tab or return. Saving the document explicitly or implicitly (as when toggling logs) now saves the edits as expected. Thanks W2RU.
  • Updated the start date for Wisconsin QSO Party.
  • Added web URL and deleted email URL for submitting Idaho QSO Party logs.
  • For QSO parties, now assume that a call with either /M or /P suffix is a rover. Note: this logic can become confused when you append / plus a county beginning with M or P to their call. Instead, omit / and compose your messages using the & token to send the county; for example “CQ NEQP K1GQ &”.
  • Revised the URL for AR Cluster spot filtering in the Help menu.
  • For QSO parties with entrant outside the target state, do not prefill the county to prevent prematurely declaring a call as not needed.
  • Added support to K4 Serial for playing DVR messages. Thanks KA1IS.
  • Updated Using AR Cluster Spot Filters with skimmer quality information and QSO Party example.


  • Version 3.13 broke access to Settings panes except through “gear” buttons. The New Log settings pane was inaccessible. Thanks MØNNQ.
  • Cabrillo export for New Mexico QSO Party was missing the report fields. Thanks N5ZGT.
  • The ability to log into DX Spider nodes was broken. I don’t plan to document this capability because spot filtering syntax and the information in the spot comment field is quite different from ARCluster, but the connection is usable for those who are fluent in dxspider-speak. Thanks G6NHU.

The latest version of SkookumLogger is available free of charge for download here or visit the App Store.