MagicSDR – IOS interface to RTLSDR version 23.09.3 released

MagicSDR makes it possible to interactively explore RF spectrum using panadapter and waterfall visualization, demodulate and play AM, SSB, CW, NFM, WFM signals, collect frequencies. Built on the principle of plug-in architecture, MagicSDR – powerful and flexible next-generation SDR (software-defined radio) application. Typical applications are dx-ing, ham radio, radio astronomy, and spectrum analysis. Explore the spectrum everywhere!

MagicSDR provides access to more than six hundred servers around the world, with which you can listen to the radio shortwave bands. This does not require special equipment.

Supported servers and protocols:

  • KiwiSDR
  • MagicLink
  • Airspy network
  • Hermes-Lite
  • HiQSDR

Main features:

  • Wide band spectrum view
  • AM/SSB/CW/NFM/WFM demodulator
  • Screen gestures
  • Frequency bookmarks
  • Band plan
  • Shortwave Guide (EiBi database)
  • Noise treshold squelch
  • Audio over UDP for external data decoders

Version 23.09.3:

  • ADDED support KiwiSDR servers

MagicSDR for IOS is available for $12.99 now on the Mac AppStore.