Rotor version 1.7 released

Tom Lindner (DL2RUM) has released version 1.7 of Rotor, a full-featured antenna rotor control app for macOS.

Rotor can control up to 9 rotors. It is able to track stations and satellites automatically with both azimuth and elevation and currently supports SPID, Yaesu (GS-232A/B), DCU-1 and EasyComm rotor protocols. In connection with the Ham Radio Logger RumLogNG or WSJT-X Rotor can control your antenna direction fully automatically.

Rotor predicts satellites passes for the next seven days for your location and calculates sked times for a given satellite to a dx location. It shows positions, footprints and ground tracks on a 2D or 3D map.

Key features:

  • controls up to nine rotors (easily to extent if someone uses more)
  • supports often used rotor protocols (azimuth and elevation)
  • customisable azimuth indication – use your own background map or any other graphic
  • supports bidirectional antennas and antennas mounted with an offset
  • full automatic control from RUMlog and WSJT-X (JTDX) over network
  • manual control from RUMlogNG
  • user presets for azimuth ans elevation
  • direct numerical or grid square entry or just a mouse click to move antenna 
  • Moon and satellite tracking
  • satellite path predictions and illustration, sked predictions over satellite
  • doppler shift correction for IC-705/9700 using RUMlogNG

What’s new in version 1.7:

  • Since the Green Heron RT-21 Azimuth controller has a (W)LAN option, a network control option for this controller was added.

Rotor is available free of charge via the Mac App Store.