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Software Links – Update #1

August 30, 2014

Hello all. I wanted to update you on the progress of updating the software link page. Thus far I have managed to remove all of the dead links (I think!) and have added a few new links as well. Furthermore, I’ve edited several sections and have expanded a few others. So far, I’ve managed...
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Station Snapshot – K2ACK

August 28, 2014

Welcome to another edition of the Station Snapshot.  This edition comes to us from Alan Hawrylyshen, K2ACK, of Santa Cruz, CA. Alan is also licensed as M0WTH and shares the following station information. Among his radios, Alan counts a Kenwood TM-D710A for U/V FM only, a Kenwood TH-D72a also for U/V FM only, an...
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Software Link Updates

August 24, 2014
Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 10.58.46 AM

Hello everyone, This is a plea for updates to the Software links pages. I am in the process of going through each link and description, and am planning on adding a wide variety of new software links. However, I need YOUR help. Please send me any links to amateur radio software that you use,...
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Station Snapshot – K0HYD

August 18, 2014
K0HYD at Night

This edition of the Station Snapshot comes to us from the world of HamNation and the station of Dale Puckett, K0HYD. Dale was recently featured in an article here on MacHamRadio.com for his work in perfecting an AppleScript used to log QSOs from Fldigi into MacLoggerDX.  Dale is also an active contributor to the...
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Station Snapshot – DC7VS

August 9, 2014

This week’s Station Snapshot comes to us from Germany. Christian (Chris), DC7VS, writes: “I live in Berlin, Germany. I have ben an Apple user since 1977 and licensed since 1979. I currently have a few Macs that I use for the QRL (Designer). For ham radio I use a good old 17″ MacBook Pro. Mainly...
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QSL Info Print – Easy QSL Labels for MacLoggerDX

August 5, 2014
QSL Info Print Icon

One of the basic features of many logging programs is the support for labels. Whether used for addresses or QSLs, automated labeling saves a lot of time processing QSL cards. MacLoggerDX supports a variety of label sizes and layouts, ranging from 7×2 layouts to 11×3. These are ideal for addresses and/or single QSO labels,...
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Station Snapshot – WW2DX

August 1, 2014

Welcome to the inaugural Station Snapshot on MacHamRadio. It is fitting that our first Snapshot is that of Lee (WW2DX), the owner of MacHamRadio and RemoteHamRadio.com, a member of the W1I 2014 WRTC team, and an avid DXer.  Lee (WW2DX) shares the following information and snapshots of his “battle station”. From left to right:...
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