RFSPACE now supplies an open-source application written using the QT Framework for the RFSPACE radios. The application is compatible with the SDR-IP and NetSDR and also SDR-IQ and SDR-14 using the Windows server and MacOS Snow Leopard applications. CuteSDR is available for MacOS, Windows and Linux. It is released under a Simplified BSD License. CuteSDR is Copyright (c) 2010 Moe Wheatley, AE4JY

We encourage programmers to share any additions to improve the software.

Additionally, AA7AS has taken the code and played around a bit and has a precompiled binary.


“Briefly, as of 1.03, I’ve added eight notch filters, a low-pass filter, numerous keyboard controls, 25 user-settable memories, another 25 preset memories (the shortwave and amateur bands), DX and fine-tuning steps, user control of the waterfall palette, and more.”