MacHamRadio Privacy and Advertising Policy

I want to take a moment to inform everyone of the MacHamRadio (MHR) privacy and advertising policies. This is a post that I plan on repeating every year.

For starters, your privacy is very important to MHR. I will never sell or release the contact information you share with us.

MacHamRadio does partner with third-party services for the email subscription and MHR Forums and must rely upon their privacy policies. I have researched and selected services that protect your information with best-practice security as well as a cultural belief in the sanctity of that information. I personally pay for these services so that you can be free of advertising and marketing or harvesting of your information. Additionally, I believe that you should be fully informed about how/where your private information is being used and/or stored, thus let me address specific aspects of how your private information is used.

The email mailing list is hosted at MailChimp. The MailChimp privacy policy can be read here. It is long and covers both the user (in this case, MacHamRadio) as well as the subscriber (you). A brief summary of how it affects the subscriber is as follows:

MailChimp will never “under any circumstances”

  • Sell the list
  • Contact people on the list
  • Market to people on the list
  • Steal the list
  • Share the list with any other party, unless required by law

The MHR forums are hosted by Muut. The Muut privacy manifesto can be read here. Again, a brief summary of how it affects the user is as follows:

  • We will always protect your identity
  • We will always keep the service ad-free
  • We will never change your original content
  • We will never sell or give access to your information
  • We will never allow promoted posts
  • We will do our best to block spam and automated content
  • You will have full access to your data at all times

As the Admin for the MHR Forums, I do reserve the right to block or remove content or users of the forums if posted material is deemed obviously offensive. Otherwise, I want to keep “hands off” the forum as much as possible.

MacHamRadio also has a presence on Twitter and Facebook. As such, you (as a subscriber) and I (as a content provider) are governed by the advertisment and privacy policies of those services. I have no control over their policies; so if you don’t like the way those services function, then don’t use them to follow MHR.

MacHamRadio’s advertising policy is simple: I will never place advertising on any website or service controlled by MHR, nor will I ever create promoted postings disgused as blog entries. I will never sell or release any of the subscriber information held by MHR to any marketing or advertising agency. I will not accept funding from outside sources and will continue to keep MHR independent and free from outside influence.

As stated at the beginning, I plan on repeating this post every year, or when necessary to reflect significant changes to any of the content.

73 de Dave (K3DCW)