JT-Bridge v1.1 released

Back in early January, Anders Östlund (SM0THU) released version 1.0 of his new JT-Bridge software. As you may recall, JT-Bridge was a result of Anders spending time to learn how to program using XCode and Swift. Well, Anders has now released v1.1 of JT-Bridge, and with it he has added several new features and capabilities.

JT-Bridge v1.1 expands the support between WSJT-X and OS X programs with the following features:

  • Read and send logs from WSJT-X to MacLoggerDX, and now Aether and RUMlog as well
  • Display CQs from WSJT-X
  • Check QSL status of calls and entities from your logging application
  • OS X Notification Center support for unworked/unconfirmed entities calling CQ
  • OS X Notification Center support when your station is called

All of this functionality is very similar to the extremely popular JT-Alert add-on for WSJT-X on Windows. With this support now available on OS X, Anders has brought a significant enhancement to Mac fans of the JT65/JT9 modes.

JT-Bridge v1.1 can be downloaded here