JT-Bridge v3.0 has been released

Anders Östlund (SM0THU) has released a major upgrade, version 3 of JT-Bridge.

JT-Bridge acts like a bridge between WSJT-X and your logging application.  It features:

  • Displays CQs from WSJT-X
  • Double-click on a CQ to reply in WSJT-X
  • Check QSO and QSL status of calls, DXCC entities, CQ zone, ITU zone, State, IOTA, Grid and Continent in your logging application
  • Send logged QSOs from WSJT-X to your logging application
  • Support for Aether, MacLoggerDX and RUMlogNG logging applications
  • Send notifications to OS X Notification Center for unworked or unconfirmed items.
  • Send a notification to OS X Notification Center when you are called
  • Read transceiver frequency from your logging application
  • Set transceiver frequency via MacLoggerDX or RUMlogNG
  • Control the PTT via your logging application
  • QRZ or HamQTH call book lookup
  • Show LoTW and eQSL users
  • Show distance and bearing to CQ caller
  • Show information about the station worked with WSJT-X
  • Macro buttons with information about the station being worked
  • Mark CQs with strikethroughed text, if the CQ specifies a call area that you are not within.
Change log:

  • NEW: Settings to filter out decoded messages
  • NEW: New faster way of looking up previous QSOs/QSLs
  • NEW: Support for compound callsigns in 77-bit FT8
  • NEW: Support for MacOS Mojave dark mode
  • FIX: Handle quotes in data from call book when logging a QSO
  • REMOVED: Logging by setting field by field when using MacLoggerDX 6 or RUMLogNG
  • Note: v3.0.1 was released shortly after v3.0 and fixes Own call and grid was not being picked up correctly from WSJT-X’s status messages.

Supported OS:

OS X 10.11 El Capitan and above

Tested with:

WSJT-X: v2.0.0-RC5
MacLoggerDX: v6.20
RUMlogNG: 4.0.5
Aether: 1.6.4
Date: 2018-12-09

Instructions on setting up and running JT-Bridge documentation page.

As always, JT-Bridge can be downloaded free-of-charge here.