Flrig v1.3.41 now available

The hard-working development team led by W1HKJ have announced the release of Flrig v1.3.41. Flrig is a transceiver control program designed to be used either stand alone or as an adjunct to Fldigi.

As with all of the FL suite, Flrig continues to support both PowerPC and Intel (i386) processors; with individual downloads available for each architecture and can be downloaded here.

Changes in release 1.3.41:

* Update provided by Dominik, DB1RUF

IC7300 noise blanker
* restore access to blanker on/off

* Added venerable TS-950

* adde new trace statements

BW inhibit
* inhibit external changes when either of opBW, opDSP_lo, or opDSP_hi
are activated by user

* Restore sendCommand call to selected transceivers
– FT450, FT450D
– FT891
– FT950
– FT991, FT991A
– FT2000
– FTdx3000
– FTdx1200
– FT5000
– FTdx9000

* deprecate has_extras flag
– allow all transceivers access to the commands drop down panel.
– other tabs shown as appropriate

XMLRPC debug level
* change upper level to maximum of 4

ts2000 get/set trace
* enabled separate get/set trace statements

IC7700 set/get
* Add set/get trace statements to 7700 class methods

* fix mixed xcvr/flrig changes to PBT controls

* add get/set trace statements
* default to check() to always true

* added separate set/get trace statements


* split out set/get trace statements

* add get/set trace statements

TS2000 squelch
* add has_sql_control to create class method

* additional get/set trace statements
* added flush buffer to wait_char

* Added set_trace / get_trace statements

Bogus command line parameters
* Alert user to problem and exit

Warnings fixes
* fix various warnings caught by gcc 7.3.0

Band Select
* Add band select to the following Icom transceivers
– IC746PRO
– IC7000
– IC7100
– IC7200
– IC7300
– IC7410
– IC7600
– IC7610
– IC7700
– IC7800
– IC7851
– IC9100
* Band select reads the band stack from transceiver and
sets frequency/mode/filter# iaw with read values
– last saved triad on the stack is used if stack has
a depth greater than 1.
* Left click gets values
* Right click sets values
* If xcvr supports xmt/rcv PL tones the tones are read
displayed/edited on the band stack tab
* Change Yaesu band select to accomodate read/write band
select paradigm
* Add new control widget, pl_tone, a value picker similar
to fl_show_colormap
* add band select to
– FT-450
– FT-450D
– FT-891

K3 bug fix
* corrects error in K3 check method. code fix submitted by Ted, VE3TRQ.

* Class methods submitted by Mike Smith, N4VLF

* Change CI-V display address to include leading zeros
* Test for enabling Comp polling control

* Update OMNI-VI methods

IC756PRO extra
* added the following controls/methods to IC756PRO class
– cw wpm
– cw spot tone
– cw qsk
– cw break in
– compression on/off, level
– vox on/off

IC 9100
* Add trace statements to Icom 9100 methods

* remove xml_io.cxx, xml_io.h from source tree

* D mode CAT command

* Add Icom 7610 class

* Fix check – 735 only has 4 bytes of freq data!

TAB controls
* Change small UI drop-down paradigm to a separate movable dialog.
– shifting between small UI – wide sliders and small UI – narrow
sliders resulted in difficult control over widget positioning
within the fltk auto positioning algorithm.