KLog v0.9.6 released

Jaime Robles, EA4TV, has just released v0.9.6 of the free KLog logging software for macOS, Linux and Windows.

KLog 0.9.6 – Bugfix and some more statistics

This is a very quick release due to a bug that was found some days ago and I have decided to fix and relase as soon as possible.

The changelog shows:

December 2018 – 0.9.6
– Optimizing the Statistics widget.
– Added some new Statistics widgets.
– Fixed some messages with typos.
– Bugfix: Fixed a bug preventing to modify a QSO. (TNX KB2YSI).

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As always, Klog is available absolutely free of charge, and Jaime welcomes anyone who may want to join the KLog team with coding, translating, documenting, or doing any other task that may help KLog. KLog mailing lists are available for users and developers.

You can download KLog and find more information about it on the KLog website at:
http://www.klog.xyz (Please wait some time if the browser returns a file not found error. It may be caused due to the mirrors need to update. The process could take up to 24h!)