Fldigi v3.22.06 released

The Fl* development team has released v3.22.06 of Fldigi; the open-source, cross-platform digital mode software.

Fldigi v3.22.06 has numerous updates and fixes, including additional macros, updates to the Script Engine, fixes for dialog resizing issues when the waterfall height is changed, enhancements to the sound file generation, and modifications and improvements to the 8PSK modes, among others.

While the features and benefits of Fldigi are too numerous to list here, any one interested in HF/VHF/UHF digital modes on OS X should take the time to check out Fldigi. A much more extensive write-up covering Fldigi, the modes and features available, and the benefits of using Fldigion OS X can be found here

As with all of the FL* suite, Fldigi v3.22.06 for OS X continues to support both PowerPC and Intel (i386) processors; however, separate downloads are available for each so make sure you download the correct version. Fldigi can be downloaded from the W1HKJ download page.