JT-Bridge v1.4.2 released **corrected**

On 14 May, Anders Östlund (SM0THU) released v1.4.2 of JT-Bridge.

Included in the v1.4.2 release of JT-Bridge are:

  • Keep main window checkboxes on top of status messages when window is made very narrow
  • Fix to allow the handling of CQ sent without a grid square
  • Fixes to stability issues.

As with previous versions, Version 1.4.2 supports MacLoggerDXRUMlogNGRUMlog and Aether. Furthermore, the download page now shows with which versions of software Anders tested JT-Bridge.

Anders provides step-by-step instructions to configure JT-Bridge on the JT-Bridge documentation page.

As always, downloads of JT-Bridge are free-of-charge here