Thank you for feedback

A couple days ago, I requested your input on link presentation on MacHamRadio. My goal was to make the site as useful as possible while still maintaining the overall aesthetic. After almost 50 responses, I have made a decision on how to best handle the links.

By a margin of 3 to 1, the majority prefered the inline links that I’ve been using. A few supported either the Explicit links at the end of the article or Capitalized links inline. Combined those were less than one-quarter of the respondents. A few made other suggestions such as traditional blue/underlined links throughout the text, but I had already rejected that as it would take away from the appearance of the site.

What I will do is make a couple tweaks in an attempt to reach the best possible result for as many people as possible. None of these changes should affect the way the links appear in your email, if you subscribe to the email announcements.

  • Links will remain inline.
  • All links were slightly bolded. They will now be a more significant bold to help them standout.
  • When the mouse hovers over a link, it will turn to blue indicating it is an active link.

Here is how links will appear from now on: Example

On a related note, I also received several comments about the font color on the site being a bit too light to read for some people. I have darkened the text a couple more notches which should help with readability. I will not go to an all black text, but this should help with much of the visibility issues.

Although some of you pointed out that this is “my site” and that I should do as I please, I do realize that this site is nothing without the readers. I hope that this site is useful to you; and to support that, I need to make it as accessible as possible while still maintaining a high-quality presentation. Thanks again for all the feedback. I tried to respond to every suggestion with an acknowledgement and thank you, but I apologize if I missed any of you in the rush.

73 de Dave (K3DCW)