RUMlogNG v2.0 released

Tom Lindner (DL2RUM) has released v2.0 of RUMlogNG, now available via direct download and available shortly via the Mac App Store.

In addition to a few fixes since the last update, v2.0 of RUMlogNG includes several new features including:

  • New Contest and DXpedition module
  • Support for a second transceiver
  • Support for the Ten Tec Orion
  • New QSL label support
  • Enhanced ADIF tag support

The Contest and DXpedition module is still fairly sparse with only a few contests supported. More features and contests will be added based upon feedback from users.

RUMlogNG v2.0 will be available free of charge via the Mac App Store shortly or is available now for downloaded directly HERE.

Note: The direct download version does not support the use of the maps function — this is limited to the version available via the App Store.