The future of

For many readers, (MHR) has become a valuable and indespensable resource for news and information regarding Amateur Radio on OS X. This has been personally rewarding to me in that I’m able to give back to a hobby that I truly enjoy.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I am being forced to stop production on MHR. While I am looking at a couple of different fallback plans, barring any changes I will be forced to shutdown MHR no later than 30 June of this year. However, if the fallback plans do not come to fruition and a shutdown is unavoidable, I will likely shutdown earlier than that date. This shutdown will include the MHR website, the forums, any email, the Twitter feed and the Facebook page; in otherwords, MHR will cease to exist no later than 30 June unless other steps are taken.

OS X celebrated its 15th anniversary just last week. has been in existence for 13 of those years. As OS X has grown and improved, so has MacHamRadio. While it would be a shame to have to close down MHR, the fact that both OS X and the Amateur Radio software for this wonderful OS have grown dramatically in quality and market percentage shows that both have a staying power well beyond any one web site. Without, OS X will continue to be a superior OS for Amateur Radio and the developers will continue to deliver superb software. Although may soon be gone, Amateur Radio on the Mac will continue to grow and thrive.

I will provide further updates as they become available.