MacLoggerDX v6.01 released

Following up on the Christmas-time release of Version 6.0, Dog Park Software has released version 6.01 of  MacLoggerDX.

Among the enhancements and fixes in this edition of MacLoggerDX are:

  • Added Specific DXCC Alarm.
  • Added Icom IC-7300 Driver.
  • Added Icom IC-7200 digital modes.
  • Added DXpedition Tracker button in Alarm Prefs.
  • Added specific Alarm for Log lookups.
  • Added 13×5, 15×5, 17×5 A4 labels.
  • Added paper size popup to Labels panel.
  • Added Age Lookup Spots check box to Clusters Prefs.
  • Added more informative error alert for QRZ XML key errors.
  • Added mldx://lookup URL scheme.
  • Added dogparkSDR clicked spots lookup and tune.
  • Added IK1BXN Fldigi scripts to Extra Files folder.
  • Added call to WA1OUI qso_was_logged AppleScript.
  • ADIF Import improved.
  • Old sh/fdx spots are aged not timestamped to the present.
  • Fixed missing or deleted log file bug.
  • Fixed Log Panel Contextual menu Change Selected bug.
  • Fixed intermittent crash in Split Screen mode.

MacLoggerDX is the Total Mac Ham Radio Assistant and premier Mac logger:

  • Organizing and filtering the spots from your favourite DX Cluster for DXing, Contesting or casual rag-chewing.
  • It supports close to a hundred radios, automatically tuning to the spots you are interested in and optionally swinging your beam around.
  • Alerting you to rare contacts or Band Openings and looking up, displaying on 2D, 3D and Satellite Maps and logging your contacts to a super fast sql database.
  • MacLoggerDX can also text or email you when the Bands are open or that rare DX is spotted.
  • Awards Tracking, Band Activity, Schedules, Memories, QSL Generation, ADIF import, export, eQSL, LoTW Confirmations and much more.

MacLoggerDX v6.01 requires an Intel 64-bit processor and OS X v10.9 or newer.  MacLoggerDX v6.01 can be downloaded here.