Flrig v2.0.01 now available

The FLdigi development team led by W1HKJ have announced the release of Flrig v2.0.01.  Flrig is a transceiver control program designed to be used either stand alone or as an adjunct to Fldigi.

As with all of the FL suite, Flrig supports PowerPC, Intel (i386) and Apple Silicon (M1) processors with individual downloads available for each architecture. Download the latest version of Flrig here. 

    Version 2.0.01

      * Maintenance release
          --------  -------------------
         34e53213: Version 2.0.01
         21dec66b: DSP-L/DSP-H bws
         019f3e5e: K3, KX3, K4 controls
         6f18d4c2: QDX has_bandwidth
         2697ed45: TS990 meters
         115e86f8: xmlrpc get bandwidth
         78fda2f2: rigbase vectors
         beb36670: fltk.1.4 mods
         c2e2d715: Missing FT987D

    QDX has bandwidth
      * restore "has_bandwidth_control = true" to class
        .  needed to satisfy wsjtx xmlrpc client's request for
      * change rigbase default bandwidth (used if has_bandwidth_control
        is false)
        . was "NONE"
        . change to "3000"

    DSP-L/DSP-H bws
      * fix bws transfer to xmlrpc client; effects all transceivers
        with DSP-L and DSP-H bandwidth selectors
      * fix set_bw to correctly handle H/L as well simple BW parameter

    TS990 meters
      * add missing meters

    K3, KX3, K4 controls
      * update bandwidth controls to support both A and B
      * update xmlrpc bandwidth interface

    xmlrpc get bandwidth
      * ignore transceivers that do not support variable bandwidth
        or bandwidth tables

    rigbase vectors
      * failed to properly initialize rigbase vectors
        . only effects transceivers without either mode,
          bandwidth, or DSP controls; such as Yaesu FT-847

    fltk.1.4 mods
      * fltk-1.4.x compatability

    Missing FT987D
      * add missing instantiation code