JT-Bridge v2.1.2 now available

Anders Östlund (SM0THU) released v2.1.2 of JT-Bridge.

JT-Bridge acts like a bridge between WSJT-X and your logging application.  It features:

  • Displays CQs from WSJT-X
  • Double-click on a CQ to reply in WSJT-X
  • Check QSO and QSL status of calls, DXCC entities, CQ zone, ITU zone, State, IOTA, Grid and Continent in your logging application
  • Send logged QSOs from WSJT-X to your logging application
  • Support for AetherMacLoggerDX and RUMlogNG logging applications
  • Send notifications to OS X Notification Center for unworked or unconfirmed items.
  • Send a notification to OS X Notification Center when you are called
  • Read transceiver frequency from your logging application
  • Set transceiver frequency via MacLoggerDX or RUMlogNG
  • Control the PTT via your logging application
  • QRZ or HamQTH call book lookup
  • Show LoTW and eQSL users
  • Show distance and bearing to CQ caller
  • Show information about the station worked with WSJT-X
  • Macro buttons with information about the station being worked
  • Mark CQs with strikethroughed text, if the CQ specifies a call area that you are not within.

Version 2.1.2 fixes five issues that were found in previous versions.  Change log:

  • FIX: CAT with WSJT-X 1.7.0
  • FIX: Checkbox for notifications for State
  • FIX: Show seconds in Time column (for fast modes)
  • FIX: Activity table was not always updated properlyAs with previous versions, Version 2.0.1 supports MacLoggerDXRUMlogNGRUMlog and Aether with QSL checking as well as logging direct to the logbook, and is supported on OS X v10.9 and above.  It has been tested with:

Tested with:

WSJT-X: v1.8.0-rc1
MacLoggerDX: v6.12
RUMlogNG: 3.5.1
Aether: 1.6.4
Date: 2017-07-14

Instructions on setting up and running JT-Bridge documentation page.

As always, JT-Bridge can be downloaded free-of-charge here.