xCAT v0.9 and xDAX version 0.9.1 has been released

Mario, DL3LSM, has released version 0.9 of xCAT and version 0.9.1 of xDAX and has added a Spectrum Display application (xmlScope) to the package.

On the request of several users he has implemented the IQ streams in xDAX. Now you can pipe raw IQ data from the radio to applications like CubicSDR, GNU Radio or SdrDx to use the demodulators there.

In xCAT he implemented the CAT commands to initiate the transmission of Spectrum Display data from the radio. This feature is new in SmartSDR 2.0 and was introduced to use the Spectrum Display in N1MM+ logger with the FlexRadio. I created a small app for the Mac which uses this feature which you can see in action here (0.4 GB video file!):

For now it is more an app for testing this feature but quite usable though. And maybe there will be more additions to it.. xmlScope is also available on the download page.


Changes in xCAT:

  • Implementation of the ZZPA and ZZPE commands (see FlexRadios manual for SmartCAT here) to use the Spectrum Display Feature added in version 2 of SmartSDR.
  • Changed the user defaults to a more future proof structure.
  • Several fixes for bugs nobody reported so far.. 🙂

Changes in xDAX:

  • Implementation of IQ streams.
  • Facelift of the UI to use less screen estate.
  • Changed the user defaults to a more future proof structure.
  • several fixes for bugs nobody reported so far 🙂

Very important, please read and follow the advice before using the new versions for the first time:

The structure of the user defaults has changed significantly to a more future proof approach. If you use the app with your existing user defaults it will most probably crash.

So please make notes of your existing setup in version 0.8.1.

And then delete the user defaults BEFORE you run the version 0.9 of xCAT and xDAX for the first time.

Open the Terminal.app and type/copy these lines (pressing return at the end of each line :-):

defaults delete de.dl3lsm.xCAT


defaults delete de.dl3lsm.xDAX

When you run the app the first time you have to do the setup again once.

Both xDAX and xCAT require macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher.

More information can be found on Mario’s blog at http://dl3lsm.blogspot.de where he posts information about future updates to the applications.

You can download the new versions from his download page.