xCAT v1.0 and xDAX v1.0 have been released

Mario, DL3LSM, has released version 1.0 of xCAT and version 1.0 of xDAX with support for SmartLink. A new set up and use document is also available which includes examples of how to configure software to use xCAT and xDAX.

xCAT was written as a helper application for the FlexRadioTM 6000 series running on macOS (10.11 and higher). It’s purpose is to provide a way for other applications to control a FlexRadioTM 6000 series by using legacy CAT commands vie a TCP connection. xCat then translates these commands into native Flex commands using the TCP/IP API. From version 0.8.1 xCAT supports SmartSDR version 2.0 locally or via VPN. From version 1.0 on remote operation via SmartLink is also supported.

xCAT mimics it’s Windows original closely but there are some differences as well. The main
difference is that xCAT is only accessible via a TCP connection not via a virtual serial connection. So the application has to have this feature. Fortunately if an application uses a newer version of Hamlib this feature is included.

xCAT implements a subset of Kenwood CAT commands (mostly TS-2000 but also some behavior of the TS-590) and a subset of the CAT commands for PowerSDR/SmartSDR (commands starting with „ZZ..“). I did only implement commands which I’ve found necessary for my needs with the most common applications.

Please be aware that xCAT is not a GUI application for the FlexRadioTM. So you do need a GUI client like SmartSDR for iOS or similar.

Both xDAX and xCAT require macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher.

More information can be found on Mario’s blog at http://dl3lsm.blogspot.de where he posts information about future updates to the applications.

You can download the new versions from his download page.