Open source Mac-native software for Flex 6000 users

This software announcement comes to us from Douglas Adam, K3TZR regarding open source mac-native software for flex 6000 users.


This is more of an announcement than an Idea but hopefully it will generate some new ideas.

I would like to announce the availability of three tools for Flex Radio users who use Apple computers:

xAPITester – a macOS application to allow you to explore and experiment with the TCP API of the Flex Radio 6000 series radios

xBroadcaster – a macOS application to generate multiple Flex Radio 6000 series discovery broadcasts on your network

xLib6000 – a macOS framework that provides functionality similar to FlexLib

Each of these items is written in Swift 3.2, compiled in xCode 9 on macOS 10.13 and targeted for execution on macOS 10.10 and later. I’ve published both the the source code and an executable for each. The two applications each have a small pdf file explaining their usage. The framework is heavily commented but, as yet, I haven’t created any comprehensive documentation for it.

My purpose in creating and publishing them is to encourage others to use them to build new Mac-native tools for Flex users.

xLib6000 is at a point where I have implemented and tested the majority of the FlexLib functionality. Since the software’s author is often its worst tester, I could use the help of others to finalize the framework and prove out its functionality. Mario (DL3LSM) has been immensely helpful in this regard. His xDAX and xCAT applications for the Mac ( ) are built on top of xLib6000. Without his help I might never have gotten DAX functionality finished.

I hope that some of you will find this software useful.

The software can be found on Doug’s GitHub page

Doug can be reached for questions or comments at: [email protected]