RT Systems releases MacOS programming software for Baofeng, UV-5R, Yaesu FT-60 Icom ID-51, ID-51A, ID-51AE, ID-51Plus, ID-51Plus2

RT Systems has announced the release of MacOS versions  of their popular programming software for several radios. MacOS programmers are available now for the following:
Coming soon, programming software for these radios:
  • Icom ID-5100
  • Icom ID-4100
  • Icom ID-31/31Plus
  • Yaesu FT-70D
The MacOS versions of these programs have the same features that users have become accustomed to in the Windows versions of RT Systems Programmers:
  • Copy and paste within and between programs.
  • Links to external data.
  • Easy data entry for memory channels.
  • ALL the radio settings.
MacOS versions are available for immediate download from www.rtsystems.com. RT Systems also sells programming cables for all radios supported by their software.