SkookumLogger v2.2.3 now available

Bill Myers, K1GQ, released version 2.2.3 of his contest logging software SkookumLogger.

SkookumLogger is a full-featured contest software package suitable for the most demanding contester.

Version 2.2.3 2018-03-19

New features

New features and changes will be focused on supporting WRTC 2018 until after the contest in July.


Initialize Pounce QSO mode to match Run QSO mode when SkookumLogger starts (was defaulting to CW).

Decrease K3 poll interval from 0.1 seconds to 0.02 seconds to improve frequency display update rate.

Detect lowercase ‘qsx’ in spot info strings.

Enable 1T BeginQSO and EndQSO use of DVR messages 2, 3, and 4 (exchange, acknowledge, my call, respectively) in SSB mode.

Replace the Morse Message Editor window with one that is nearly identical to the CW tab in Messages preferences. The result is a larger window, sorry. The benefits are that the same formatter can be applied to the Tokenized Message fields in the new window, and messages are updated as you type (no “apply” needed).

Update the table of multiplier codes for the Indiana QSO Party. Thanks KV9W.

When operating mode is 1T1R or 1T2R, ensure that audio routing in Practice mode is “Listen To Radio1.” That means you hear transmit audio, receive noise, and callers in both left and right audio channels.

In 2T2R, when entering Immediate Morse Mode, ensure that transmit focus matches keyboard focus. Thanks JH5GHM.

Misfeatures fixed

When a K3 timeout happened, polling was stalled until you closed and reopened the serial port. Thanks WA1Z.

The formatter for the Tokenized Message text fields in Messages preferences CW tab was causing inscrutable editing behavior. Thanks JH5GHM.

Handling of 2T2R audio routing in Practice mode was seriously dysfunctional. Thanks JH5GHM.

Preferences that may have been previously set for the now immutable morse message menu items titles were not being ignored. Thanks JH5GHM.

A CQ message sent by the MagicRunBegin message wasn’t bumping the CQ count shown in the Score window. Thanks GØDVJ.

Activity ► Set Pounce with Run owning keyboard focus was changing keyboard focus to the Pounce call entry field. Thanks JH5GHM.

In 1T1R and 1T2R, the intelligent messages BeginQSO and EndQSO were choosing what to transmit using the kind of the QSO entry box that had keyboard focus; they should have been using transmit focus. Thanks JH5GHM.

In some US State QSO parties, SkookumLogger was failing to determine needed status properly when it had adequate information.

The latest version of SkookumLogger is available free of charge for download here.