SkookumLogger v2.3.9 now available

Bill Myers, K1GQ, released version 2.3.9 of his contest logging software SkookumLogger for macOS.

SkookumLogger is a full-featured contest software package suitable for the most demanding contester.

2.3.9 Release Notes

New features

The Kenwood TS-870 has been added as a supported radio.

RSGB Machine Generated Modes is now a supported contest.


Start dates for RSGB and UKEICC contests have been updated for 2019. Thanks GØDVJ.

In RSGB contest names, “AFS” and “AC” are now spelled out. If you need to open an existing log for one of those contests, you will need to use the Change Log’s Contest Rules feature.

Stew Perry now has explicit start dates for the four contests, divined by studying the history of previous events provided by the perpetual calendar page on the WA7BNM site.

The Problem Reporter has been discarded, as it was creating problems itself more often than it was helping to resolve SkookumLogger problems.

Rules for the ARRL RTTY Roundup have been updated to allow FSK, PSK, and Data mode QSOs. QSOs are per-band and not per-mode.

Misfeatures fixed

Use of the File ► Change Log’s Contest Rules command potentially led to a crash because the command was not updating the set of data input fields. Thanks GØDVJ.

An empty Pounce End Magic Message was stalling message sending until the messages controller was reset by tapping escape. Thanks KX6A.

2.3.8 2018-12-21

Misfeatures fixed

SkookumLogger 2.3.7 crashed at launch due to a code-signing mistake. Thanks CT1DRB.

2.3.7 2018-12-20

Misfeatures fixed

SkookumLogger was crashing when trying to add a QSO with mode “NS” (Not Supported) to a checksheet. Thanks AF8A, W6TN.

The latest version of SkookumLogger is available free of charge for download here.