SkookumLogger v2.2.4 now available

Bill Myers, K1GQ, released version 2.2.4 of his contest logging software SkookumLogger for macOS.

SkookumLogger is a full-featured contest software package suitable for the most demanding contester.


2.2.4 2018-04-12


Changes in previous releases addressed CW message sending for normal mode and practice mode. The same logic now applies to sending SSB messages in normal mode using your radio’s DVR. This change resolves several inconsistencies in SSB message sending, including non-functional alternating CQ and CQ counter in 2T2R mode. Except for one boat-anchor radio, DVRs messages 1 through 8 are played by CQ, Exchange, Acknowledge, My Call, ?, Defend, Short Acknowledge, and the first user-defined message after Unstack QSO, respectively. Radios that have fewer than 8 DVR message slots, or no DVR at all, ignore messages for the missing slots. Thanks JH5GHM.

When opening the serial connection to an Elecraft K3/K3s radio, DTR and RTS are now explicitly unset. SkookumLogger does not use those signals, but leaving either of them set forces the radio into transmit mode if CONFIG:PTT-KEY is set to anything other than OFF-OFF. Thanks N1JM.

Logic for identifying candidate QSOs has been revised for outside entrants in FLQP, GAQP, and VAQP.

The Problem Reporter window and its Help page have been clarified. Thanks WA1Z and W2RU.

Preference panes have been reorganized, again. A new pane named New Log contains three tabs with all of the settings that are used when you create a new log. The New Log Cabrillo tab replaces the previous Cabrillo pane. The New Log Sent Exchange tab replaces the previous Exchange pane. The new Log CW Messages tab replaces the previous Morse tab in the Messages pane. As before, you can customized these settings for existing logs using Log ► Cabrillo Settings…, Window ► Show Sent Exchange Editor, and Window ► Show Morse Messages Editor, respectively.

When the call field for the QSO entry box with keyboard focus ends with a comma, Log ► Grab Partner Call now appends the partner call after the comma instead of replacing the entire call field content. This sets up Call Stacking (see Help).

Misfeatures fixed

Changing the Contest Spacing option in WinKeyer preferences was not noticed by WinKeyer until the next time SkookumLogger was restarted. Now SkookumLogger is more alert.

Word space duration when using the YCCC SO2R Box Keyer was misshapen by an ill-advised hack meant to apply only to WinKeyer. That hack has been whacked. Thanks GØDVJ.

Attempting to change WinKeyer PTT preferences caused a crash. Thanks W6TN.

Removing all of the entries in the Operator Calls table in the Log Settings sheet caused a crash. Thanks CT3HY.

Creating a new UKEI DX Contest CW log selected the wrong contest date. There were two bugs: the mode information in the contest name was being ignored, and the special case of a contest starting on the last day of the month was being treated as starting on the last full weekend of the month.

SkookumNet was sometimes failing to establish a complete network when there were more than two network members.

The latest version of SkookumLogger is available free of charge for download here.