Fldigi v4.1.08 now available

The hard-working development team led by W1HKJ have announced the release of Fldigi v4.1.08.  This maintaneance release of Fldigi brings several bug fixes, performance improvements and several new features..

As with all of the FL suite, Fldigi continues to support both PowerPC and Intel (i386) processors; with individual downloads available for each architecture and can be downloaded here.

Version 4.1.08 – Maintenance release

 - Greek translation files updated by Haris SV1GRB
  - xmlrpc <vector>
    . This reverts commit d681ab54b31100878e16bf2c8c2b9a96ceb2de23.
    . avoid sizing a zero length vector; use resize(size, n) for
      non empty return vector
    - Logbook
      . Fix lost / garbled records on Windows OS
      . Fix lost logbook, zero records on Windows OS
    - Documentation
      . Add missing deadman timer documentation
    - Raster init values
      . Raster::resize() was being called with a negative
        width or height due to bad state being stored in the
        config.  This resulted in fldigi crashing before the
        UI was displayed.
      . submitted by Stephen Hurd <[email protected]>
    - Image transmit docs
      . Correct manual for thor, mfsk, ifkp and fsk image transfer.
    - BSD soundcard
      . In FreeBSD sound devices e.g. /dev/dsp0.0 can only be open once
        whereas /dev/dsp0 can be open multiple times. fldigi tries
        to open /dev/dsp0.0 multiple times which fails.
        For specific sound card access, use /dev/dsp or /dev/dsp%d
      - RsID squelch open time
        . increase squelch open time to 300 seconds
      - N3FJP ACL
        . send logged frequency with other log info
        . enable setlocale(LC_ALL,"")