Introducing Q-Codes for IOS

Q-Codes for IOS is a free application which allows you to quickly and easy Lookup a Q-Code and its Question and/or Answer/Advice/Order Statement.

The Q-code is a standardized collection of three-letter codes all of which start with the letter “Q”. It is an operating signal initially developed for commercial radiotelegraph communication and later adopted by other radio services, especially amateur radio.

This app will lookup Q-Signals and display the Question and Answer/Advice/Order Statements of the Q-Signal. In addition it will search for any text in the Question Answer/Advice/Order Statements.

Multiple use of a Q-Signal is indicated with one of the following sub categories:

Amateur Radio

ACP-131 Q Signals
Grouped by Aeronautical, Marine and General use.

Amateur Radio Q Signals
Q Signals adapted for use in the Amateur Radio Service

FSD-218 QN Signals
ARRL QN Signals For CW Net Use

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