SmartSDR for MacOS version 1.4.12 has been released

Marcus, DL8MRE announces the release of version 1.4.12 of SmartSDR for MacOS, the Official FlexRadio Systems® Client for your Mac

SmartSDR is a full featured FlexRadio client that enables your Mac to operate your FlexRadio device.
It is fully compatible to SmartSDR v1, v2 (including SmartLink) and v3 (including MultiFlex and SmartControl).
Important: This App requires a FlexRadio Systems® Series-6000 Software Defined Radio (SDR).FACTS AND FEATURES:
SmartSDR offers all features of SmartSDR for Windows such as:
■ Unlimited number of Slices, Panadapters (limited only by Radio model)
■ Maintain all Radio, Slice and Panadapter settings
■ SmartLink™ remote access support
■ MultiFlex™ support
■ And all the other featurs of the Windows Version (only exception: Diversity)There is no longer need for running SmartSDR for Windows on Bootcamp, Parallels or a separate PC because these features are also included:
■ Radio Firmware Updates
■ Setting up and registering SmartLink – you can even maintain multiple SmartLink accounts
■ Installation of Region (Turf) Files
■ Backup / Restore Radio Configuration and MemoriesIn addition, the following extra features are included:
■ Full featured FT8 / FT4 Tool
■ Logbook with auto logging and ADIF Im- and UDP Export (Synchronizes with Smartsdr for iOS over iCloud)
■ DX-Cluster Tool
■ Band Plan
■ And several additional Tools and featuresEXTERNAL SOFTWARE SUPPORT
Even though FT8 is included, you can run this App along with your favorite external Software like WSJT-X, fldigi or others because:
■ CAT Support for FlexRadio CAT, Kenwood TS-2000 emulation and RigCtrl / Hamlib
■ DAX TX and RX audio streaming to any deviceEXTERNAL PERIPHERALS SUPPORT
■ You can use a Midi Controller (like the CMD-Micro and others) to fully control your Radio
■ CW Straight Key / Paddle via Midi Controller or assigned keyboard keys
■ External Mike support (e.g. for USB Mikes)

Please note: This is no Catalyst Version of SmartSDR for iOS. This is a completely new written native macOS App.


  • A FlexRadio Systems® FLEX-6000 series radio
  • A Mac which runs at least Mac OS 10.15


FLEX-6300, FLEX-6400, FLEX-6400M, FLEX-6500, FLEX-6600, FLEX-6600M, FLEX-6700
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What’s new in version 1.4.12

This update fixes an unfortunate bug in FT8.

What’s new in version 1.4.11

This update includes the following changes and fixes:

  • Some Audio improvements have been implemented
  • Memories can now be sorted by additional columns
  • Additional FlexControl/MIDI controller option to switch Bands
  • A logbook bug was fixed that could have been caused by wrong Dates
  • New Disp settings for db Range added

What’s new in version 1.4.10

This update fixes a display issue with some table views.

What’s new in version 1.4.9

  • A few MIDI/Flex Controller issues were fixed
  • ‰ The following MIDI/Flex Controller functions have been added: Balance Slice, ACC TX, RCA TX1, TX2  and TX3 including LED status for these settings
  • The Spot Font size can now be adjusted
  • Handling of overlapping slice flags has been improved
  • The Slice Filter (blue area) can now be adjusted using a mouse

What’s new in version 1.4.8

This update just fixes a few minor remaining bugs


SmartSDR for MacOS is available for $149.99 now on the Mac AppStore.
The latest update can be downloaded for free.