KLog version 1.4 has been released

Jaime Robles, EA4K, has released version 1.4 of the free KLog logging software the multi-platform free ham radio logger for macOS, Linux and Windows.   This release includes several improvements and bug fixes.

This version of KLog adds support for online services like LoTW, QRZ.com, ClubLog and eQSL.cc. It is still basic level but it will allow you to:
– Upload & download your QSL confirmations to LoTW.
– Check for calls in QRZ.com and fill your QSOs automatically.
– Upload your log to QRZ.com, ClubLog and eQSL.cc.

WSJT-X will update how QSOs are sent to the loggers in its next version and KLog is already prepared for it.

In addition, many bugs have been fixed.

December – 1.4

- Improvement: Prepared the WSJTX-2.4 UDP interface.
- Improvement: User data stored in the setup is know used in the QSOs (default power, station callsign).
- Improved the KG4xx (Guantanamo bay) DXCC detection from KG4 calls.
- Updated how KLog counts the confirmed DXCC entities to include LoTW confirmations.
- New feature: QSO upload to the QRZ.com Logbook (including qso selection and qso mark that has been uploaded)
- New feature: QSO upload to the eQSL.cc Logbook (including qso selection and qso mark that has been uploaded)
- New feature: ClubLog full log upload (adding or overwriting).
- New feature: It is possible to keep the comment field from one QSO to the following one. (TNX EA5WA)
- New feature: It is possible to select multiple QSOs in the log and execute several actions with the selected QSOs.(TNX EA5WA)
- New feature: It is possible to check for the data of calls in QRZ.com (you need a subscription in QRZ.com)
- UI: Removed the Keep my data option from the Setup UI.
- UI: The RX frequency follows the TX unless the split is checked.
- UI: Consolidation of all the electronic logs configurations in one single setup page into the eLog tab.
- Bugfix: Save all QSOs to ADIF process continued even if the user clicked in cancel.(TNX G4MKT)
- Bugfix: Backup file was not being created in the right path.(TNX G4MKT)
- Bugfix: Some paths were converted to upper case causing some issues in some case sensitive situations. (TNX G4MKT)
- Bugfix: In some cases, the RST format was not properly defined.(TNX G4MKT)
- Bugfix: Default ADIF file was not being saved on exit. (TNX G4MKT)
- Bugfix: It was not possible to select empty logs from the preferences. (TNX G4MKT)
- Bugfix: QSOs comming from WSJTx were not being uploaded to ClubLog. (TNX PD9Q)
- Bugfix: Too many mesages when uploading in realtime to Clublog. It should be done silently.(TNX EA5WA)
- Bugfix: Typo in the INSTALL-linux. (TNX DL4TO)
- Bugfix: Hamlib polling rate was not being saved from the setup. Default value is defined to 300ms. (TNX G4MKT)
- Bugfix: Complete with previous QSO (name, locator, ...) was not working properly.
- Bugfix: PROGRAMID ADIF data was not properly tagged.
- Bugfix: When selecting the QSOs to upload to LoTW, if the selected call was the first one on the combobox, selection didn't worked properly.
- Bugfix: When importing ADIF files with fields without RST_SENT or RST_RCVD the proposed default value was not adapted to the mode of that QSO.
- Bugfix: Extension .adi was always added, even if the file had it already.
- Bugfix: When doing a database backup, the name of the file was not being properly defined.
- Bugfix: ClubLog realtime syncronization was not working properly.

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You can download KLog for free and find more information about it on the KLog website at: