Fllog v1.2.7 released

The team of developers for the Fl-suite have released version 1.2.7 of Fllog, the open-source, networkable, all-mode logging software package for OS X, Linux and Windows.

Fllog continues to support much more than digital modes, with the software able to be used for CW or SSB logging as well as alongside the Fldigi digital mode software. In fact, with FllogFldigi, and Flwkey, you have a complete SSB, CW (with WinKeyer support), and Digital Modes suite for use throughout your Field Day activities.

As with all of the FL suite, Flrig supports PowerPC, Intel (i386) and Apple Silicon (M1) processors with individual downloads available for each architecture. Download the latest version of Fllog here.

Version 1.2.7

  XmlRpc Client ID
    * add xmlrpc Client ID

  openSUSE Tumbleweed
    * correct Warnings & Errors exposed by gcc 11.1.1

  FD fields
    * change field field names to be compliant with ADIF spec

  macOS Info.plist
    * fix mkappbundle.sh

  mxe scripts
    * update mxe scripts

    * change some existing field names
    * add fields to comply with fldigi logbook export/import
    * clean up various compiler warnings
    * correct terminate handler

    * modify 'version' to include VERSION_PATCH

Source: readme.txt, updated 2021-08-04