Fllog v1.2.6 released

The team of developers for the Fl-suite have released version 1.2.6 of Fllog, the open-source, networkable, all-mode logging software package for OS X, Linux and Windows.

Fllog continues to support much more than digital modes, with the software able to be used for CW or SSB logging as well as alongside the Fldigi digital mode software. In fact, with FllogFldigi, and Flwkey, you have a complete SSB, CW (with WinKeyer support), and Digital Modes suite for use throughout your Field Day activities.

As with all of the Fl-suite, Fllog supports both PowerPC and Intel (i386) processors with individual downloads available for each architecture. The letest versions of Fllog can always be found

Version 1.2.6 – Maintenance release

  • OS X build
    • mod for compiling on i386 / x86_64 platforms
  • Miscellaneous changes
    • create logs .1 … .5 as aged backups
    • modify modes table for OLIVIA and HELL mode/sub-modes
    • restore saving / loading export field selections
      • right click on Default button; saves current selection
      • left click on Default button; selects default selection
    • remove separate status window; use debug event log window for status messages
    • add station call, operator call to xmlrpc add_record
    • updated interface specification
    • updated csv and text export
    • add mutex to prevent external request’s overrunning prior actions.
    • add station QTH and LOCator to config items
    • initialize applicable “New” record fields
    • auto update log when fldigi sends eQSL
    • populate inpSearchCall with duplicate CALL
    • export FSKHELL-105 AS FMHELL
  • Dup check/reverse
    • insure that same duplicates found independent of date-time sort ordering
  • XmlRpc Server
    • add log.list_methods
  • eQSL/LoTW submit dates
    • xmlrpc interface to allow update of specified field. Not limited to eQSL and LoTW QSO dates
  • New/Cancel
    • Restore previously viewed record when cancelling out of “new” record gm date/time
      • change calendar widget to use gm date/time when required
  • Duplicates
    • 3 state return
      •  false
      • true
      • possible
    • implement current record update mechanism
    • move qso table entry to found duplicate/possible display entry in log controls.
  • Export ADIF
    • Change to include both export_mode and export_submode
  • QSOdb structure
    • Changes imposed by recent changes in fldigi QSOdb structure nulog
    • update xml i/o to current fldigi field definitions
    • add set button to time fields
    • add user definable default export fields
    • right click on Default button; saves current selection
    • left click on Default button; selects default selection
    • change to accept FLTK 1.4.x
    • change configuration dialog
    • add sort browser by time ON/OFF toggle
  • OS X build scripts
    • Modify build scripts
    • only build dmg with libs
      • correct missing versioning of dmg
  • Merge resort
    • restore sort after merging database