CubicSDR v0.2.7 has been released

CubicSDR is a cross-platform Software-Defined Radio application which allows you to navigate the radio spectrum and demodulate any signals you might discover.  It currently includes several common analog demodulation schemes such as AM and FM and will support digital modes in the future.  Many digital decoding applications are available now that can use the analog outputs to process digital signals by “piping” the data from CubicSDR to another program using software like Soundflower, Jack Audio or VBCable.

CubicSDR supports the readily-available RTL-SDR which is an inexpensive SDR device that can be purchased online for about $10 and up.   Search for “RTL2832U” and “820T” or “820T2” on sites such as eBay or Amazon to see what’s available.   Additionally CubicSDR now includes support for SDRPlay, HackRF, BladeRF, AirSpy, NetSDR+, Red Pitaya, Audio Devices (some platform specific at the moment) or any other device with an available SoapySDR support module.

Cross-Platform Software-Defined Radio Application

Release Notes (Since 0.2.5):

  • Added CW mode,
  • Code cleanup,
  • Various fixes : AM mode, …
  • Library updates : RtAudio v5.2.0, liquid-dsp v1.4.0 (required), Hamlib 4+, wxWidgets…
  • (to be completed)

This is source release only for now.

Detailed changelog:

  • Travis-CI Build Script by @cjcliffe in #698
  • Travis-CI add MacOS build by @cjcliffe in #699
  • Add hamlib, digital lab to CI, fix several build warnings by @cjcliffe in #700
  • Tentative fix for #706 by @vsonnier in #711
  • Use spin-locks when possible. by @vsonnier in #713
  • No Spin-lock for xxxProcessor, unclear what the gain was by @vsonnier in #714
  • More Spin locks experiments by @vsonnier in #715
  • Safer calls to setGainMode by @drahosj in #701
  • Make stream deactivated before a sample-rate change and reactivated afterwards by @vsonnier in #718
  • AppFrame refactoring by @cjcliffe in #723
  • Liquid dsp ampmodem update by @cjcliffe in #724
  • Fix port selector dialog; simplify rig model selection with manufacturer sub-menus by @cjcliffe in #728
  • Bookmark refreshing, port selection and device selector UI fixes by @cjcliffe in #729
  • Move config load out of commandline parse to prevent wrong path in AppImage by @cjcliffe in #730
  • General ux fixes by @cjcliffe in #745
  • Use Google Turbo Color for Default Theme WF colors by @vsonnier in #748
  • fix build with wxWidgets 3.1.3 by @ra1nb0w in #765
  • Stop spamming hundreds of No SoapySDR Module dialogs. by @antihax in #773
  • Winsock.h was included multiple times through windows.h causing compile errors by @antihax in #772
  • Fix missing import for GLX on linux. by @benallard in #767
  • Updated donation dialog contents and fixed layout issues by @cjcliffe in #779
  • Misc. enhancements (driven by RSPDuo support needs) by @vsonnier in #786
  • Bugfix/bookmark issues jun2020 by @cjcliffe in #835
  • Error dialog feedback when rig thread exits unexpectedly. by @cjcliffe in #839
  • Update to standard SoapySDR frequency correction, allow zero-to-right by SHIFT+Right Click freq. digits by @cjcliffe in #840
  • Modified ModemAM by @colbyAtCRI in #865
  • Update CI OSX/Xcode version by @cjcliffe in #877
  • Add ModemCW #341 by @colbyAtCRI in #871
  • Cleanup: C++11 updates, clean-up, warning fixes by @cjcliffe in #885
  • Updating Hamlib to v4+ by @vsonnier in #867
  • Update RtAudio to v5.20 by @vsonnier in #927
  • Fix typing errors by @dforsi in #935
  • Tag and Release v0.2.7a by @SDRplay in #937