Contest Log Analyzer v4.0 released

Fabio, I4UFH has released version 4.0 of Contest Log Analyzer – the ultimate contest and DXPedition software suite to Edit, Analyze, Generate Statistics, View multiple logs simultaneously, Map QSOs, Import and Export to Cabrillo or ADIF files.

Contest Log Analyzer allows you to compare, analyze and extract valuable data from your competitors’ logs helping you to better understand their strategy and improve your own. You can also use Contest Log Analyzer to compare your own year to year contest results. Contest Log Analyzer is able to import Cabrillo and ADIF files.

The Contest Log Analyzer has been developed as a complete database management application, where you can create separate Databases, containing several Logs, a convenient way to save, in one place only, all your log files that accumulate over the years. The Contest Log Analyzer can import logs at lightning speed of up to 700 QSOs/sec with a moderately fast computer, and even faster if using a high-end machine. At this time the Contest Log Analyzer is able to import Cabrillo and ADIF files. The latest release includes a DIG mode, a WARC Band import feature as well as a summary, useful for DXPedition Log analysis..

Unrivalled numbers of statistics are available. There are complete tables automatically generated showing Countries, CQ Zones, ITU Zones, Prefixes, USA States, JA Prefectures, Russian Oblasts, Rates, Best Rates, Directions and Beaming. Dupe, Unique, Grid and Distance tables are built in real-time, a complete summary with all the details and the QSO Mapping with Bands selection.

The Contest Log Analyzer gives you the ability to edit each QSO in the log, as well as edit the Cabrillo header information, allowing you to avoid reloading the Log Software due some missing QSOs. Simply open the Header Editor, change the data, and save. To add more compatibility you can import an ADIF file, Edit the Cabrillo Header and export to a Cabrillo file, a feature useful when you are having different log file sources.

There are unsurpassed capabilities to Compare multiple Logs simultaneously, with graphics such as Bar, Pie chart and sync scrolling. That will help you better understand where you can improve your operating strategy, by checking band openings or looking for the lost multiplier. This is a complete visual comparison, including stepping hour by hour, making it easy to look deeply into the log for that missed multiplier.

Each QSO can be mapped over a worldwide map with the GridSquare Grid and a real time GreyLine. This is a unique Tool that helps you better understand the propagation, the sunrise and the sunset effect over your Log. You can also have a worldwide map showing all the QSOs sorted by band, or a selected   number of QSOs sorted by band as well as multiple other search criteria, or a single QSO Map view, with the QSO Time GreyLine.

The Contest Analyzer Database can include several logs from the same contest, and the Unique QSO Table is generated from a common Database built from the Logs with same Year and Name, to ensure the unicity of the QSO.

An advanced option allow to analyze each Unique QSO with the common database and looking for the N+1 similar Callsign to learn more, how is easy exchange letters during typing.

A free trial version of Contest Log Analyzer can be downloaded at  A single license can be purchased for $29.95 with 5 and 10 license packs also available.