Morse Mania: Learn Morse Code version 9.2.2 released

Morse Mania is a fun and educational game for iPad and iPhone that helps you master the Morse code by advancing through 270 exciting levels in either audio, visual or vibration mode.

In both the receiving and sending modes, the app starts with the easiest letters (E and T) and moves to more complicated ones. Once you master all the letters, it teaches you numbers and other symbols, and then proceeds to Prosigns, Q-codes, abbreviations, words, Callsigns, phrases and sentences.


  • 135 levels teach you to recognize (receive) 26 Latin letters, numbers, 18 punctuation marks, 20 non-Latin extensions, procedure signs (prosigns), Q-codes, most popular abbreviations, words, callsigns, phrases and sentences.
  • Another 135 levels teach and train you to send the Morse code.
  • 5 output modes: audio (default), blinking light, flashlight, vibration and light + sound.
  • 7 different keys for sending Morse code (e.g. iambic key).
  • 52 challenge levels test and consolidate your knowledge.
  • Custom level: create your own level to practice symbols of your choice. Save your own list of symbols and load anytime.
  • NEW! “Playground” to test and train your Morse code sending skills.
  • Smart learning: custom level choice is pre-populated with symbols where you made the mistakes most recently.
  • Support for external keyboard.
  • Hints (for free!) when you need help.
  • Explore mode: if you want to hear the symbols, or see a list of prosigns, Q-codes & other abbreviations and hear their sound representation.
  • 4 themes to choose from, from bright to dark.
  • 9 different keyboard layouts: QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, ABCDEF, Dvorak, Colemak, Maltron, Workman, Halmak.
  • Randomize letter/symbol positions for each level (to ensure you’re not just learning the position of the symbols on the keyboard).
  • Absolutely no ads.
  • Works completely offline.

Completely customize the app:

  •  Adjustable speed: from 5 to 45 WPM (words per minute). Less than 20 is not recommended though, as it doesn’t help you to actually learn the language.
  • Adjustable sound frequency: 400 to 1000 Hz.
  • Adjustable Farnsworth speed: from 5 to 45 WPM. Determines how long are the spaces between letters.
  • Adjustable difficulty level for sending the Morse code.
  • Disable/enable the progress circle in Settings.
  • Settings for progress speed, review time, time pressure and lives in challenges.
  • Setting for background noise: to better support some Bluetooth earphones that keep disconnecting from the phone while you play, or just to make it more challenging.
  • Ability to jump to the past levels to revise, or skip some if you’re already familiar with certain characters.
  • Ability to reset mistakes and levels.

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