WSPR Watch for IOS version 4.3 released

WSPR Watch for IOS is a utility for ham radio users of the WSPRnet, PSKReporter or Reverse Beacon network. Quickly shows who can hear you and details of each spot.

Tap a spot in the table to look up the call on

Export produces a tab delimited CSV file that can be sent to Numbers for sorting, filtering and graphing beyond what is in the app itself.

What’s New in Version 4.3:

  • Map now uses custom band colours.
  • Generate WSPR tones working again.

Version 4.2 released on October 1, 2023 included the following changes:

  • Put back the little bar chart showing SNR
  • QRZ button in spot info window to jump to listing in web browser
  • Able to lookup a call on from a settings view
  • Option for iPad to just show the spots list on first page
  • More settings info sent in feedback emails
  • Unique spots now should be working
  • No longer auto-select text fields, let the user tap to show keyboard

Version 4.1 released on September 22, 2023 included the following changes:

  • Avoid background crash on iPad
  • Reload if user has been in settings
  • Tap on chart to scroll to that point in the spots list
  • Analysis includes time of over with most spots
  • Bolder callsigns in the spots list
  • Implement customisation of band colours
  • Avoid a crash in QRZ if we don’t get a session key
  • Animate changes in the charts

Version 4.0 released on September 18, 2023 included the following changes:

  • Modernisation of the user interface.
  • iPad in particular is improved in this version.
  • New icon to replace the rather dated one.