aprs.fi v2.5.2 released

GainIO has released version 2.5.2 of aprs.fi for iOS.  This is the official iPhone and iPad application of aprs.fi, the favourite APRS web site of the amateur radio world.

Obtain immediate, real-time access to current APRS position information, weather reports, telemetry graphs, and more. Zoom and browse around the world and see stations immediately – no waiting.

  • Search callsigns and addresses, with quick search-as-you-type and search history features
  • Track multiple stations at the same time
  • Filter information shown on the map (weather stations, AIS)
  • View weather, telemetry and statistic graphs
  • Beacon your position on aprs.fi
  • Attach to a transceiver with a wireless connection to a BLE TNC, receive and transmit position beacons without the Internet
  • Runs directly on top of the reliable and fast aprs.fi database
  • Tested to work great on all currently-supported iPhone and iPad models
  • Supports iOS 11/12/13
  • Dark Mode support for an ergonomic viewing experience in low-light environments
  • High-resolution graphics for Retina and Retina HD displays with full APRS symbol set

Buy the app – get the web site for free!

Some new features require a subscription. All old and some new features will be available without a subscription fee. A list of features included in the Extra Features subscription package:

  • APRS text messaging
  • High-performance software DSP modem
  • APRS-IS beaconing, with up to 10 callsign profiles
  • Long time ranges in map and graph views

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

GPS is not required for viewing APRS information.

aprs.fi for iOS can be downloaded for $6.99 from the Apple App Store

Support for the aprs.fi iOS app for iPhone and iPad is available at http://aprs.fi/page/app_support

What’s New in Version 2.5.2

  • Message mass deletion actually works again!
  • Improved message mass deletion speed (a whole lot, actually).
  • Avoid accidentally fetching back deleted messages from the backend after app restart.
  • Fixed outgoing “ack” acknowledgement message format when acking a message with a “replyack”-style message identifier.
  • Improved content refreshing in the message threads list view when receiving new messages.
  • Show message timestamp in a message thread view.

Version 2.5.1 which was released January 31, 2024 included the following changes:

  •  Display time/date of the latest message in the message threads view.
  • Greatly improved message notification throughput and latency in the aprs.fi backend (affecting older application versions too).
  • Improved error handling for a few network connections.
  • Updates in translations: Catalan, Portuguese, Dutch (Thank you!)

Version 2.5.0 which was released January 9, 2024 included the following changes:

  • Added a search feature for message threads. Allows searching by callsign and contents of the latest message.
  • Use the Edit mode to select multiple message threads, and then use the Trash can button to delete them all. Slide two fingers to quickly select a range of threads.
  • In Edit Mode, you can also use Search to find all “HOTG” APRS Thursday threads, use the Select All button to select all found threads, and then delete them with the Trash can button.
  • The station information view broke on iPads in 2.4.2 – fixed it!

Version 2.4.3 which was released January 4, 2024 included the following changes:

  • Enabled password manager/shared password support with the website and app login/signup views.
  • Localisation updates: NL, PT, JP.
  • Fixed a fairly rare crash in target data caching.
  • Remastered embedded photos to reduce application size by 1-3 MB depending on device type – and improved looks, too.