QSL Info Print – Easy QSL Labels for MacLoggerDX

One of the basic features of many logging programs is the support for labels. Whether used for addresses or QSLs, automated labeling saves a lot of time processing QSL cards. MacLoggerDX supports a variety of label sizes and layouts, ranging from 7×2 layouts to 11×3. These are ideal for addresses and/or single QSO labels, but what happens when you need to process 2, 3, 4 or more QSOs to a single station. That’s where a larger 2″x4″ label (5×2 layout) comes in handy. QSL Info Print, developed by David Kaplan (WA1OUI) is a classic “one-trick pony” utility. Its sole purpose is to print QSLs from MacLoggerDX onto Avery 2″x4″ shipping labels. A variety of Avery labels meet this specification, including the 15163, 18163, 5163, 5263, 5963, 8163, 8263, 8463, 8663, 18663, 48163, 55163, 58163, 48263, 48863 and 48363…in short, basically any “63” label from Avery.

QSL Info Print Main Screen

On initial startup, you’ll have to enter the usual personal information (Call, County, Grid Square, etc); this is only done once. After that, the main (actually, the ONLY) window in QSL Info Print is your complete interface to the program and is an example of simplicity in design. The left hand panel shows the QSOs in the MacLoggerDX logbook, the right hand panel shows the QSL label to be printed. You can select PSE/TNX and can enter QSL VIA as well. Single or multiple QSOs (up to 8 QSOs per label) can be printed by selecting the clearly defined options. By selecting the row/column, you can print to a specific label allowing you to skip over used labels on the sheet. Simple, clean, and functional…what more could you ask for!

Earlier, I called this wonderful utility a “one-trick pony.” However, this “one-trick pony” does have one (undocumented and unsupported) trick up its sleeve as well: in addition to supporting MacLoggerDX, QSL Info Print can also be used to print labels from RUMlog log files. Although RUMlog does have its own label design and printing features, including support for 5×2 label sheets, some may prefer the simple and efficient QSL Info Print for use with RUMlog instead.

QSL Info Print can be downloaded from the file section of the MacLoggerDX Yahoo group. If someone is not a member of the group but would like to check out QSL Info Print, feel free to send me an email and I’ll send you the file.