Station Snapshot – DC7VS

This week’s Station Snapshot comes to us from Germany. Christian (Chris), DC7VS, writes:

“I live in Berlin, Germany. I have ben an Apple user since 1977 and licensed since 1979. I currently have a few Macs that I use for the QRL (Designer). For ham radio I use a good old 17″ MacBook Pro. Mainly I run so PSK31 with cocoaPTT, CocoaModem and RUMlog. Rumlog seems to be the best program for all of this.”

Chris provided some nice pictures of his station:

Chris also adds that he is a member of the following clubs: EPC #7695, PODXS #380, Feld Hell Club #4381, ERC #1466 and DARC DOK D22. Chris was also part of the IOTA DXpedition to Laeso Island (EU-088) in March/April 2014. Chris’ personal website can be found at

Thank you, Chris, for the Station Snapshot and for your support of MacHamRadio.

If you’re reading this and are interested in having your station profiled as a Station Snapshot, contact us with  a brief description of your station, hardware and software in use, along with any interesting tidbits of information t.  We will profile one station every week or two and you will be able to share your hobby with other MacHamRadio users around the world.