Sneak peek – Next generation of RUMlog logging software

Thomas Lindner (DL2RUM), developer of RUMlog and RUMped logging software, has shared a sneak peek of the future of RUMlog with MacHamRadio. Tentatively called RUMlogNG, this next generation of RUMlog is currently under active development.

Still in the early stages of development, RUMlogNG is still some time away from release but as you can see in the following picture, it is already functional.

Notable amongst the changes is the move to the Cocoa environment, allowing RUMlogNG to take full advantage of the features and capabilities of OS X. Improved DXCC recognition, filtering, and matching is supported as well as tighter integration with Fldigi for fans of digital modes.

As work continues on RUMlogNG, I hope to be able to bring you more behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and to share with you more information about the features and capabilities being added.

Thanks, Tom, for sharing your project with the readers of MacHamRadio!