MacLoggerDX HD for iPad v1.18 released

Dog Park Software has released version 1.18 of MacLoggerDX HD for iPad. The new version supports some new features of iOS 8 as well as a new database format (v6 supporting SKCC tracking).

MacLoggerDX HD monitors spots from your favourite DX Cluster, alerting you to rare contacts or band opening, and displaying real time propagation paths on a zoomable map. Ideal for DXing, contesting, or casual rag-chewing, MacLoggerDX HD can log your contacts to a super fast SQLite database and includes ADIF import, export and Log syncing with MacLoggerDX on the desktop!

Other features include:

  • Internal databases updated over the Internet.
  • 2D Map.
  • QRZ XML, HamCall, HamQTH and WM7D Call Books supported (subscription required for QRZ and HamCall)
  • DX Cluster Propagation displayed by band.

As always, this is a free update for existing customers. For new customers, MacLoggerDX HD can be purchased here.