dogparkSDR v1.06 available for download

Version 1.06 of dogparkSDR is now available for download. dogparkSDR is a native Mac application window into your Flex Radio Systems Signature series SDR  radio. It takes care of setting and displaying radio parameters, displaying the Panadapter and Waterfall as well as routing the radio audio in and out of the Mac.

DXCluster spots from MacLoggerDX are displayed in the panadapter and can be clicked for quick mode and frequency tuning. The FlexControl is supported as is Local and Remote (Mac) Audio, CWX with macros, local sidetone and radio Memories.

Version 1.06 of dogparkSDR adds several new features and fixes, including:

  • Requires OS X 10.9+.
  • macOS 10.12 (Sierra) compatible.
  • Compatible with SmartSDR v1.10.8 firmware.
  • Added  Band Edge markers (MacLoggerDX v6.06).
  • Improved very low bandwidth display.
  • Fixed Alternate VFO RIT and XIT Pan lines.
  • MacLoggerDX  spots – single click tunes, double-click also does lookup.
  • Fixed Mic selection popup bug.

Version 1.06 of dogparkSDR can be downloaded here and is a free update for all Version 1 customers.

dogparkSDR requires OS X 10.9+ and an Intel 64-bit processor. While a free demo is available, it is time limited to 20 minutes per session. A full Single User License is available for $95 from the Dog Park Software website