HamLog for iOS v5.112 released

Nick, N3WG has released HamLog for iOS version 5.112.

HamLog is an amateur radio logging and tools application. It is meant for use when operating portable from the field or mobile (drive safe!). It does a lot more than just logging, see the list below. HamLog supports iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

HamLog Features:

  • Contact Logging and search
  • Rig control via the Pigtail/piglet device from Pignology
  • Create A Log – Custom Log
  • QRZ XML Integration for QRZ Subscribers
  • HamQTH XML Integration
  • Export via email as ADIF, CSV, or eQSL.cc
  • Import ADIF
  • Automatic name/QTH resolution based on callsign (either QRZ XML, HamQTH (free), or Pignology DB (free))
  • Independent callsign look up tool
  • QRZ XML Subscriber Support
  • CloudSynch: Synch your contacts to the web and other iOS/Mac devices. See http://hamlog.it for more information.
  • Voice Macros: record yourself and play to VOX
  • HamStack Control interface: see http://hamstack.com for more information.
  • QSO Recording
  • Great Circle Maps
  • Q signal list
  • IARU Prefixes List
  • DXCC Entities List
  • US Band Plan
  • International Band Plans
  • QRZ Look Up via Web
  • Weather Forecasting
  • Dupe Finder
  • Latest DX Spots from DX Summit
  • ADIF Export, both full and time range
  • CSV Export
  • Grid Square tool using GPS
  • Manual Grid Square Calculator given lat/long
  • Bearing (and long path) calculation given two grid squares,
  • WWV Propagation report
  • Contest Calendar
  • DXpedition Calendar
  • Wavelength Calculator
  • UTC Clock
  • ITU Phonetic Alphabet
  • CW Helper: plays single character upon selection
  • Temperature Converter
  • Length Converter
  • RST Explained info
  • PSKReporter.info search and map display
  • DX Cluster – real time telnet access
  • Grid to map – enter gridsquare and it will display it on a map
  • Solar Data from N0NBH (www.hamqsl.com/solar)
  • DTMF Tone Generator
  • Net Lists and notifications
  • Part 97 – Full Text
  • Field Day Logging
  • iTunes File Sharing – For data backup and ADIF import – Drop somelogfile.adi into the file sharing pane and press Tools -> Import ADIF. somelogfile.adi should be lowercase until I get an update to recognize uppercase filenames.
  • Landscape and Portrait on the iPad**

NOTE: HamLog for iOS is not intended to replace a more formal method of logging such as a computer based logging application or the classic paper method. It is more for quick logging while portable or mobile.

HamLog for iOS can be purchased and downloaded from the App Store for $0.99.

What’s New in Version 5.112

    • Fixed issue with QRZ images when doing lookups using the XML API.
    • Fixed issue with the number board on the QRZ XML Tool