FLAMP v2.0.4 now available

FLAMP is a program for AMP or Amateur Multicast Protocol. A FLAMP session will transmit one or more files with one or more iterations of the transmission. Each file is broken into blocks, each of which has a check sum. The receiving station saves the blocks that pass check sum. Successive transmissions will fill in the missing blocks provided that the new blocks pass the check sum. After the transmission sequence, the entire file is assembled and may be saved. “Fills” may be provided by retransmitting the entire file or by the sending station only sending the missing blocks.

Version 2.0.4 of FLAMP brings several bug fixes, performance improvements and several new features..  FLAMP may be downloaded here.

Changes in Version 2.0.4 

Thumb Drive
* Correct home drive assignment when executable located on a thumb drive device

OS X build scripts
* Modify script to only build dmg with dylibs

* update to mingw target code

flxmlrpc config
* change flxmlrpc configure summary report

* update file contents

fix xmlRpc tm_mday comparison typo, author: Kamal Mostafa <[email protected]>
xmlrpcpp/XmlRpcValue.cpp: In function ‘bool XmlRpc::tmEq(const tm&,const tm&)’:
xmlrpcpp/XmlRpcValue.cpp:159:52: warning: self-comparison always
evaluates to true [-Wtautological-compare]
t1.tm_hour == t2.tm_hour && t1.tm_mday == t1.tm_mday &&

mxe update
* corrected build scripts

Fldigi on-line
* Add check for existence of fldigi at start
– warn if fldigi not on line, exit
* Test for fldigi presence and exit gracefully if fldigi is closed before flamp