WSJT-X version 2.0.1 has been released.

The WSJT Development Group today announced bug fix release 2.0.1 of WSJT-X.
Release: WSJT-X 2.0.1

WSJT-X  2.0.1 is  a bug  fix  release including  the following  defect
repairs reported since the v2.0.0 GA release.

 - Remove startup message about importance of upgrading to v2.0.
 - Relax ADIF log file parsing to allow garbage between records and
   records with no DX callsign
 - Fix bug that prevented retention of power and comments in
   Log QSO window
 - Updates to User Guide
 - MSK144 frequency defaults to 50.260 in IARU Regions 2 and 3
 - Remove hexadecimal RGB values from color-configuration panel
 - Fix a bounds error by not executing Fox-related code when not
   in Fox mode
 - Allow the logQSO dialog to modify "Exch Sent" or "Rcvd" when 
   operating in RTTY or NA VHF Contest mode, and to have any
   changes flow through to N1MM Logger.
 - Fix several problems in handling hashed callsigns
 - More rigorous quality checking of WSPR decodes from the OSD algorithm
 - Fix bug that prevented recevied signal reports from
   compound callsigns to be logged
 - Improved recognition of callsigns with /P or /R suffixes
 - Do not waste time trying AP decoding of nonstandard callsigns
 - Make OSD decoding work with WSPR "type 2" messages
 - Retain in Tx6 message field any CQ messages like
   "CQ xxxx K1ABC FN42", where xxxx is 1-4 letters or 1-3 digits
 - Optional key bindings for F1 through F5, especially for contest use
 - Include grid in Tx1 messages with hashed callsign, for example
   "<DF2018ARDF> K1ABC FN42"
 - Better formatting for the files ALL.TXT and ALL_WSPR.TXT
 - Correct a flaw in validating contest exchange data when logging
 - Option to always start new decode periods at top of Band
   Activity window
 - New command "Erase WSPR hashtable" on the File menu
 - Improved validation for ARRL RTTY RU and FD exchange fields
 - UDP Reference applications join a multicast group on all available
   multicast capable network interfaces
 - Minor code changes to support Qt versions >=5.10
 - Changes to support x64 Windows builds in preparation for Qt v5.12
 - Add "ADIF Export ..." to Fox Log's contextual popup menu
 - Use ARRL-required names for VHF+ bands in exported Cabrillo log
 - New utility program rigctlcom-wsjtx (from Hamlib)
 - Remove temporary FT8 working frequencies from default frequency list
 - UDP protocol's Clear (3) message is made two-way, for better
   communication with DX Lab Suite applications
 - Reset QSO start time when aborting a QSO or clearing messages by ESC
   or F4
 - Correct a logging issue in Fox's ADIF log when Fox sends RR73 to more
   than one Hound in the same Tx sequence.

Links to installation packages for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh are
available here:

You can also download the packages from the WSJT X SourceForge site: