Flmsg v4.0.14 released

The Fl* development team has released v4.0.14 of Flmsg. Flmsg is a simple forms management editor for the amateur radio supported standard message formats. Form data can be transferred between computers either using standard internet email or via radio frequency broadcasts typically made by an amateur radio operator on your behalf.

As with all of the FL suite, Flmsg continues to support both PowerPC and Intel (i386) processors; with individual downloads available for each architecture and can be downloaded here.

Whats new in Version 4.0.14 maintenance release:

   * added xmprpc thread isolation for x86_64 OS-X

Version 4.0.13 * Maintenance release

  * change keep alive interval processing
    - fldigi will timeout after 500 msec
    - send flmsg_online xmlrpc method every 400 ms

Version 4.0.12 * Maintenance release

  * This reverts commit 1d5cdd2e84295068f1c8271e71a0ce0c6ab8885c.
    - Caused intermittent AutoSend failure on Windows platforms